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Burger Day nets $40,000 in donations

It started off as a simple prank.

Five students from Glenbrook North marched down to the McDonald¹s of
Plaza Del Prado in Glenview loaded with dollar bills in anticipation of buying
out the food chain¹s entire supply of hamburgers.

One hundred burgers later, the feat was proved impossible. Regardless,
the five agreed this was a prank that needed to be passed on to future
generations of students.

Eight years later Burger Day lives on, only it is has taken on a
different mission – a mission that not only has united both Glenbrook North and
Glenbrook South, but surrounding high schools as well.

"During Burger Day 4 the owner of the McDonalds, Mark Freeman, contacted
the students about turning their prank into charitable effort," said GBN
junior Josh Tolmatsky. "He would donate the burgers and all proceeds
would benefit Ronald McDonald charities. From that point on, it was a charity
event that benefited it in one way or another."

Tolmatsky, along with fellow classmate Mike Kessler and Glenbrook South
sophomores Johnny Cowhey and Evan Marinis, are the organizers of this
year¹s Burger Day fundraiser.

It took place April 21 and 22 and included many of the same traditions
students have come to expect: organizers wore their best suits, collected
cash orders in a briefcase and led the charge into the McDonalds to place
the burger order.

The burger-eating contest also continued on, as did the sale of special
t-shirts designed in honor of the event. All proceeds from the t-shirt
will also go toward the charity.

Much different than past years, though, 2012 Burger Day will no longer be
exclusive to just the Glenbrooks. Students from both New Trier and Loyola
will be spearheading their own Burger Days, Cowhey said. They've also
added a second day in Winnetka.

The goal was to more than triple last year¹s fundraising amount of
$10,000 to $50,000.

The popularity of the event also led to a new opportunity for at least
one of the boys. Tolmatsky was offered a marketing internship at Ronald
McDonald charities this past summer.

The experience not only allowed him to get further involved with the
organization, but also taught him some valuable marketing tools.

"I learned a lot about how to organize and run events, so I pulled from
that for Burger Day this year," he said.