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Board recognizes Titan Stars

On February 11, the Board of Education recognized Glenbrook South Titan Stars Leyda Ramos, Ana Ramos, Allie Van Schindel, Melisa Moya, Frankie Crist, Nina Santacrose, Jessica Janecek, Patty Horwitz, Christie Pelos; and coaches Nicole Pilotte (JV cheer coach), Shannon Devine (co-Titan Stars coach), Kelli McDonald (JV poms coach), Dina Bosco (assistant JV poms coach), Aly VanderPlas (co-Titan Stars coach).

Titan Stars is made up of nine girls who otherwise might not have been able to join the cheerleading team based on restrictions from their disabilities.

VanderPlas started Titan Stars after a student with special needs approached her wanting to be part of the cheer squad. A pilot program called Titan Stars began where students with disabilities, who were interested, would embed themselves into the JV cheer squad.  They came to practice once a week, learned cheers, stunting and jumps, and were made to feel a part of the squad. The pilot year went so well that she expanded the program and it has continued for the past two years. 

Every year, the girls are invited to three basketball games where they cheer on the sidelines with the JV cheerleaders and perform with JV poms during the halftime show.

The Titan Stars most recent performance took place on February 5 in the Titan Dome.

VanderPlas also held a t-shirt sale and invited staff and community members to show their support for the girls by wearing the t-shirt to the game. Proceeds from the sale helped support Special Olympics.