About District 225

Strategic Planning for Curriculum and Student Wellness

This fall, the Glenbrooks initiated a strategic planning process, focused specifically on the areas of curriculum and student wellness. To kick things off, the district conducted a community-wide survey to help identify important items for action/discussion over the next three years. In the two-week period that concluded in early October, 1,500 parents, student, staff and community members electronically provided input.

Next, during the month of November, the district hosted two sessions where parents, students and community representatives learned about existing district plans, reviewed data, and discussed key topics with curriculum and student wellness administrators. This input will be used to help identify emerging issues for the district to consider over the next three years.

At the board meeting on February 8, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services Dr. Rosanne Williamson presented an overview of the strategic planning findings and an update on the process that will include additional focus groups of staff and students this spring.

“When the administrative team debriefed after the recent focus groups, we started to hone in on the theme of ‘meaningful,’” said Dr. Williamson.  “It was a reoccurring idea that spanned the topics of learning, homework, academic skills, wellness resources, and healthy decision-making.”

Over the next three years, the district will develop and implement strategic initiatives to positively impact meaningful student work and wellness.