Glenbrook Academy Questions & Answers

What traits do successful Academy applicants possess?
What are the criteria for placement into The Academy?
Are there quotas of boys and girls, Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South students in each entering class?
Can students enter The Academy in their sophomore or junior year?
Are grades in The Academy weighted?
Is the academic work in The Academy more difficult than in the high schools’ honors curriculum?
Are grades in Academy courses typically lower than grades in honors courses?
How do Academy faculty work together?
How does The Academy’s schedule mesh with the schools’ regular schedules?
Do Academy students have time to fit math and science courses into their schedules?
What about elective courses including applied arts and fine arts?
Do Academy students have the time and opportunity to participate in co-curricular and community activities?
Are Academy students required to study during the summer?
Are Academy students required to travel at any time during their four years?
Does The Academy provide an advantage in applying to competitive colleges and universities?