Transfer Students

Registration Process

We are excited to welcome new students currently attending other high schools to the Glenbrooks!  Prior to attending Glenbrook North or Glenbrook South, a series of steps must be completed, and are outlined below.  The process begins by contacting our enrollment office located at the District Administration Building (3801 W. Lake Avenue, Glenview).  If you have questions in advance of visiting, please contact our district enrollment office by phone at 847.486.4677 or by email at

Step 1 - Visit the Enrollment Office
Families of transfer students begin the registration process, by visiting the enrollment office in-person.  As part of the enrollment process, the following documents must be provided:
• New Student Application
This document can be filled out online and printed but must be submitted with an actual signature (scanned signatures are acceptable).

• Birth Certificate
A copy of an original birth certificate can be made at the District or the document can be scanned.
If the birth certificate is in a language other than English, a translation will be required.
Students cannot complete placement testing until this form has been received.

Illinois State Board of Education Student Transfer Form (33-78)
If transferring from another high school in Illinois, this form is required. This form is prepared and issued to the family by the student’s current school.
Students cannot complete placement testing until this form has been received.

• Official Transcript and/or Current Grades in Courses
In order for a student to be placed into the appropriate grade level, an official transcript and/or current grades in courses from the student’s current school is required.

• (If Applicable) Custody Documentation
For divorced parents, a custody agreement or notarized note signed by both parents must be submitted, stating where the student resides.

• Residency Paperwork
Affirmation of Legal Residency (Form R-1)
This document serves as a legal statement of your student’s residency status and is required for each student.  Parents/guardians should review, sign, and return this form to the school district.
Evidence of Residency (Form R-2)
This document identifies the different types of documents that can be submitted as evidence of residency and are required for each student. Parents/guardians should select the category that accurately describes their living situation and identify which documentation is being provided as evidence of residency.  This form and the supporting documentation identified as evidence of residency should be returned to the school district.

• (If Applicable) Statement from Landlord or Person with whom Student is Residing (Form R-3)
This is an additional document required for those families that do not own their home and are unable to provide a copy of a lease for those that rent the home where the student resides.  Parents/guardians should have the document signed by their landlord and returned to the school district.

Step 2 - Schedule and Attend an Appointment with the School Registrar
After a transfer student’s residency within the school district has been established, and all required documentation and processes have been completed, the family will schedule an appointment with a school registrar:
Glenbrook North High School - Debra Maskin, (847) 509-2548,
Glenbrook South High School - Allison Kirby, (847) 486-4535, 

These meetings will take place at the student’s new high school in the student services department.  During the appointment with the school registrar, the following tasks will be completed:
• The student’s transcript and/or current grades in courses will be evaluated to determine the student’s grade level.
• Health paperwork will be collected, including:
State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form
School Medication Authorization Form for Over-the-Counter Medications
School Medication Authorization Form for Prescription Medications
• If a nurse is available, the family will have an opportunity to meet and review health documents with the nurse.
• If applicable, a copy of most current IEP or 504 Plan will be collected.
• If applicable, the student will complete a placement test (approximately 1-2 hours).
• A guidance counselor will be assigned to the student, and an appointment will be set up to finalize the student’s schedule.

Step 3 - Attend an Appointment with the Student’s Guidance Counselor
During the appointment with the guidance counselor, the following tasks will be completed:
• The student’s transcript and/or current grades in courses, and placement test results will be reviewed to create a schedule for the school year.
• Information regarding student fees and purchasing textbooks and instructional materials will be provided.
• A student’s picture will be taken, and an ID card will be issued.
• If applicable, additional information regarding services provided for within an IEP or 504 Plan will be provided.

Step 4 - Submit Health Forms
All students are required to submit health forms to their child’s school.
The following forms are required:
• State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination and Immunization Record
All students are required to present appropriate proof that the student received a health examination and the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases within one year prior to enrolling in an Illinois school for the first time (regardless of the student’s grade), and entering the ninth grade.

Athletic Physical
If your child(ren) intends to participate in interscholastic athletics, complete and submit a current athletic physical.  Please note that athletic physicals are valid for 13 months from the date of the actual physical.  Athletic Physicals should be returned to the Athletic Office at either Glenbrook North or Glenbrook South.

Eye Examination Report
Illinois law requires all students transferring from out of the state to complete an eye exam.

Step 5 - Pay Student Fees and Sign-Up for Parent Organizations
Parents can review and pay student fees in PowerSchool, or in-person at the school’s bookstore.  These fees must be paid before the first day of school, and include general fees (Registration, Chromebook), course fees (based on your student’s schedule), and optional fees such as the Activity Pass.  Parents also have the opportunity to sign-up for parent organization memberships, and donate to the Glenbrook Foundation.

Access your student’s financial account and Beck’s Bookstore online store by navigating to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, and selecting the “Balance” option.