8th Grade Students (Outside)

Registration Process

Current 8th Grade students that presently attend a middle/junior high school outside of Northfield Township, begin the high school enrollment process as early as September of their eighth-grade year.  The enrollment steps leading up to the first day of freshman year are outlined below.

Step 1 - Complete the Online New Student Enrollment Process (September of 8th Grade Year)
The school district utilizes an online new student enrollment process which integrates with our student information system, PowerSchool.  Parents of eighth-grade students can begin completing the online process in September.

As part of the online process, the following documents must be uploaded, or submitted outside of the online process in-person or through US Mail:
• Birth Certificate
If the birth certificate is in a language other than English, a translation will be required.

Completing the online new student enrollment process is required in order to participate in a placement test session (PSAT 8/9).

Step 2 - Participate in a Placement Test Session (November of 8th Grade Year or Later)
For students that are pre-registered by October of their eighth-grade year, they will participate in the PSAT 8/9 placement test.  The test sessions are typically offered on Saturday mornings at the beginning of November.

For students registered after November, they will participate in a math placement test, the STAR reading online assessment, and possibly a curriculum-based writing prompt.  The test sessions will be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Step 3 - Attend Incoming Freshman Curriculum Night (January of 8th Grade Year)
This evening is designed for both parents and students and will focus on general information about the course placement process. Immediately following the curriculum session, everyone is encouraged to stay for an Electives Fair where they will have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of elective courses. Instructional supervisors will not be prepared to discuss specific student placement on this night.

Step 4 - Attend Incoming Freshman Athletics and Activities Fair (February of 8th Grade Year)
Incoming freshmen and their parents will have an opportunity to explore various clubs, activities, and sports.  We know from experience and from research that students who participate in these extracurricular opportunities are more successful in the classroom. This is a drop-in event.  We encourage families to come as they are able.

Step 5 - Submit Residency Documentation (April of 8th Grade Year)
To complete the enrollment process, additional documentation must be submitted.  All information must be submitted prior to attending the freshman orientation.  Students with incomplete enrollment records will be pulled from class to contact their parents and may be excluded from school if their records remain incomplete on the fifth day of school.

• Residency Paperwork
Affirmation of Legal Residency (Form R-1)
- This document serves as a legal statement of your student’s residency status and is required for each student.  Parents/guardians should review, sign, and return this form to the school district.
Evidence of Residency (Form R-2)
- This document identifies the different types of documents that can be submitted as evidence of residency and is required for each student.  Parents/guardians should select the category that accurately describes their living situation and identify which documentation is being provided as evidence of residency.  This form and the supporting documentation identified as evidence of residency should be returned to the school district.
(If Applicable) Statement from Landlord or Person with whom Student is Residing (Form R-3)
- This is an additional document required for those families that do not own their home and are unable to provide a copy of a lease for those that rent the home where the student resides.  Parents/guardians should have the document signed by their landlord and returned to the school district.

Step 6 - Complete the Online Enrollment Process (June Prior to Freshman Year)
Please note: While it may appear similar, this online process is different from the new student process.

Parents confirm their child’s enrollment and verify residency by completing an online process.  Access the online enrollment process by navigating to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, and selecting the “Verification for 2020-21 School Year” option.

Please note: If your family is leasing or living with others, a current lease or the Statement from Landlord of Person with who Student is Residing (Form R-3) must be completed and submitted to the enrollment office.  Documents can be uploaded during the online enrollment process, submitted electronically via email at residency@glenbrook225.org, or dropped off in-person at the District Administration Building (3801 W. Lake Avenue, Glenview).

Step 7 - Submit Health Forms
All students are required to submit health forms to their child’s school.  The following forms are required:
State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination and Immunization Record
All students are required to present appropriate proof that the student received a health examination and the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases within one year prior to enrolling in an Illinois school for the first time (regardless of the student’s grade), and entering the ninth grade.

Athletic Physical
If your child(ren) intends to participate in interscholastic athletics, complete and submit a current athletic physical.  If you already have a recent full physical form completed (the State of Illinois form linked above), a separate physical is not required.  Please note that athletic physicals are valid for 13 months from the date of the actual physical.  Athletic Physicals should be returned to the Athletic Office at either Glenbrook North or Glenbrook South.

Eye Examination Report
Illinois law requires all students transferring from out of the state to complete an eye exam.

Step 8 - Pay Student Fees and Sign-Up for Parent Organizations
Beginning in the middle of July, parents can review and pay student fees in PowerSchool.  These fees must be paid before the first day of school, and include general fees (Registration, Chromebook), course fees (based on your student’s schedule), and optional fees such as the Activity Pass.  Parents will also have the opportunity to sign-up for parent organization memberships and donate to the Glenbrook Foundation.

Access your student’s financial account and Beck’s Bookstore online store by navigating to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, and selecting the “Balance” option.