About the Superintendent's Office

The Office of the Superintendent oversees all operations of the district including academics, human resources, business operations, technology, communications, and special education. The Superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education and is charged with maintaining the mission of the district.

Dr. Mike Riggle currently serves as the Superintendent.

Superintendent's Letter to the Community

One of the first things many people notice when they visit our schools is the high level of pride and school spirit that exists among the students and staff. This condition has existed for many years and can be felt within the Villages of Glenview and Northbrook as well. Local residents are very proud of their high schools and the schools are a reflection of the spirit that exists in these two great communities. Because school spirit is difficult to define and can be present in many forms, it is also difficult to measure. However, the intangible school spirit can be felt, and is considered by many to be a strong indicator of the existence of a positive school climate.

According to the National School Climate Council (NSCC), school climate is defined as “norms, values, and expectations that support people feeling socially, emotionally and physically safe.”  In the Glenbrooks, it is the strong emphasis on academics, activities and athletics in conjunction with the combined efforts of many students, staff and community members through the years that have shaped the positive school climates that exist today.  Student surveys indicate that an extremely high percentage of Glenbrook students feel safe and connected to their school.  According to research studies, the benefits of a positive school climate are numerous for students, including positive personal development, higher academic motivation and engagement, and a higher state of emotional well being.  

In recent years, a number of district initiatives have focused on student wellness, which is a complex, yet critical, contribution to school climate.  District leaders have learned valuable insights by speaking directly with students, parents and staff about key areas related to wellness, such as stress, time management, school involvement, and overall mental, emotional and physical health.

Though the collaborative process is ongoing, district leaders seek to develop stronger relationships and understanding among all members of the school community in the hope of continuing to improve and build upon the existing positive school climates.  Past generations helped build it, the current school communities enjoy it, and future students, staff and parents can look forward to sharing in that amazing sense of Glenbrook pride.

Michael D. Riggle, Ed.D