May 1, 2020

It is our hope that this message finds you staying healthy and well. 

During the unfolding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from even the earliest of days, we knew there would be an impact on our spring semester, we just didn’t know to what degree. We can all see now how profound this time in each of our lives has been and how none of us will ever really be the same as we once were moving forward. 

We have viewed this situation in distinct phases, the first being the planning and anticipation once we first learned of Coronavirus back in February. We then shifted into the closing of schools and the immediate implementation of E-Learning. Once we felt our students and staff were gaining confidence in that new endeavor, we shifted our focus into the state-issued orders and its impact on each of our spring events and year-end procedures.

We are grateful for the patience of our students and families as we took the time to consider all of our options in terms of these events and would like to share the following details as we bring closure to the school year:

Summer School 
Traditional, in-person, summer school has been changed to a virtual format for at least the month of June and will provide a different selection of courses than originally planned. While we would consider in-person instruction in July should social distancing restrictions change, we are currently planning for both summer sessions to run remotely. A full list of course offerings and the process for registration will be provided in the coming weeks.

Summer Camps
All summer camps have been suspended through the month of June. With the vast majority of summer camps traditionally structured in social settings, we will need additional guidance from the State of Illinois to identify potential options in July and August. One of our current considerations would be a condensed version of camps once it is safe to do so, again, pending orders from the Governor.

Unfortunately, due to the traveling nature of the program, Habitat for Humanity has been suspended for the summer as well.

Student Belongings
Upon the completion of the semester, there will be a process to reunite students with their belongings, starting with seniors and then for the remaining class levels. Students will be invited during a specific time to arrive on campus to collect their personal belongings and return books and materials. While more information will be provided closer to the end of the school year, we are tentatively planning on June 1-3 for seniors, and then additional dates in early June for freshman, sophomores and juniors. 

Board of Education
This past Monday, April 27, we conducted the regular Board of Education meeting virtually to address the essential business of the district. As always, we continue to provide agendas, supporting documents and minutes to the public on our Board Meeting webpage. The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 18 and will continue to follow a virtual format.

Parking and Transportation Fee Refunds
The Board voted to automatically refund approximately 30-percent of fees for student parking and bus transportation to families. There is no need to submit requests as these refunds will occur in the form of a mailed, paper check by May 15th.

Once we finalize details for the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year, we will shift our full efforts into the reopening of schools, in what we deeply hope will be this fall. Again, we thank you for your continued understanding as we navigate this ever-changing challenge. It is our hope to provide as smooth of a transition as possible from the end of this school year, into the next.