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Board reviews school calendar survey results

During a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, January 14, the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education reviewed a report from Hanover Research that included findings and recommendations from the school calendar survey administered last fall. The survey was designed to collect data from teachers, students and parents on various aspects of the school calendar, including whether final exams and the completion of the first semester should occur prior to or after the winter break. The survey data included a total of 7,707 survey responses from students (2,479), staff (606), Glenbrook High School parents (2,120), and feeder elementary district parents (2,505).

Overall, Hanover Research shared three recommendations based on data results:
1. The Glenbrooks should consider adopting a school calendar that offers final exams to students prior to winter break.
2. The Glenbrooks should secure buy-in from parents of feeder school students if the district decides to adopt a calendar that begins earlier in August..
3. Given that the majority of students report experiencing moderate-to-high levels of stress during most school weeks, the Glenbrook High Schools should consider offering resources and supports that help students manage the stressors that they face in school.

The Board also received a recommendation from the administration that a committee be formed for the purpose of further analyzing data results from the school calendar survey. The charge to the committee will be to look at all aspects of the survey results to identify findings the committee feels are significant and worthy of consideration. The committee will also review the advertised School Calendar Preparation Guidelines used by the District in developing academic school year calendars and recommend any possible changes to the Board of Education.

“We are grateful to those members of our school community who participated in the survey and provided us with important feedback on such an important and impactful consideration,” said Board President Skip Shein.  “Also, we look forward to further discussions that will continue to provide deeper insights into the findings.”

The 2019-20 school calendar was recently finalized and will remain consistent with previous school calendars with exams concluding after winter break. The Board normally discusses calendar proposals for academic school year calendars two years in advance during regularly scheduled board meetings in late April and May.

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