Current Health Metrics

Consistent with the District’s Learning and Operations Plan and the information provided by the Governor and the Illinois State Board of Education,  it is the goal of the Board of Education to continue offering in-person learning opportunities for all students throughout the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  Because of the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the pandemic, the Board has defined a process should the school district need to transition to an Adaptive Pause.
Adaptive Pause, by definition, does not mean that schools are closed.  Instead, Adaptive Pause offers degrees of in-person or remote learning.  Depending on the specific conditions of the situation, implementing an Adaptive Pause may mean temporarily:
  • Pausing high-risk activities;
  • Moving from 50% hybrid learning model to 25% model;
  • Moving entirely to remote learning; or 
  • Taking other mitigation measures as determined by the Board of Education.
The District Administration will be in regular contact with the Board and will make recommendations when an Adaptive Pause may be necessary.  The Superintendent has the authority to implement a short-term Adaptive Pause in an emergency situation.  Any other recommendation for an Adaptive Pause will be presented to the Board for consideration.
A series of metrics that include local and regional data points has been compiled by the Administration and will be monitored by the Board of Education on an ongoing basis.  These metrics include case counts within the Glenbrook High Schools.  These metrics are now accessible on the school district’s website as a featured link.
The criteria used to instruct the decision for moving into and out of an Adaptive Pause include local data collected by Glenbrook area districts and data collected and published by the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Cook County Department of Public Health.  These criteria include:
  • Cook County Public North Health District and Glenbrook Zip Codes (60025, 60026, 60062)
    • 7 Day Rolling New Cases per 100,000
      • Weekly New Cases:  This figure represents the number of new cases normalized by the population size per 100,000 people.
    • 7 Day Positivity Rate
      • This figure is a percentage of the number of COVID positive test results out of all diagnostic tests administered.
    • Glenbrook High School District 225
      • Weekly Student and Staff Quarantine Cases (in-person)
      • Weekly Student and Staff Positive Cases (in-person)
IDPH Region 10, which equates to Cook County, encompasses a large region beyond one relevant to the District.  Within the expansive geography of Cook County, the District must rely on data pertinent to the Glenbrook community.  Tightening the scope of the population to the Glenbrook geography also does not provide a complete picture,  as there is significant movement of people beyond the borders of our community. Therefore, the District intends to use both North Cook County and Glenbrook Zip Code data to holistically track and understand the COVID impact on a weekly basis. 

Moving Into an Adaptive Pause
When Metrics 1 and 2 in either North Cook or Glenbrook Zip Codes are in the “Substantial” status for two consecutive weeks, an Adaptive Pause may be recommended.  The duration and extent of the Adaptive Pause will depend on the extent of the impact in our schools and region.  If the District cannot maintain sufficient PPE or the schools are unable to maintain mask-wearing or 6 ft distancing, an Adaptive Pause may also be warranted. These determinations will be made on a case by case basis.
Moving Out of an Adaptive Pause
To move out of an Adaptive Pause, either Metric 1 or 2 that triggered the Pause must return to a “Minimal” or “Moderate” status.  Alternatively, if school-level data reflects a lack of correlation with the community at large, consideration may be given to moving out of Adaptive Pause.  School-level data would be based on the number of student and staff cases in the building and the ability to follow safety protocols. After an Adaptive Pause, the learning model will return to the previous continuum placement.
District Outbreak Metric
An outbreak is defined by the Cook County Department of Public Health as five cases “that are linked epidemiologically with respect to person, place, and time.”  In other words, the cases have shared close contacts at District 225 facilities or during District-sponsored activities, and have onsets within 14 calendar days of each other.  Conversely, cases that occur in different time frames (at least calendar 15 days apart) or separate locations, or have no common source of exposure, do not constitute an outbreak.  

School and District outbreaks would supersede other health and operational metrics.  In such circumstances, an Adaptive Pause may involve a portion of a school, an entire school, or the whole district.  Decisions regarding the affected Glenbrook students and staff and the duration of the Adaptive Pause will depend upon the nature of the outbreak.
Current Health Metrics