Supt. Search: Timeline Update

Board conducts search for next superintendent
(Updated Dec. 21, 2018)

The District 225 Board of Education is conducting a national search to hire the next superintendent.  This professional will begin on July 1, 2019 and will fill a vacancy left by the retirement of Dr. Mike Riggle at the end of this school year. 

The search process is being managed by an outside consultant who has been hired to help the Board select the next Glenbrook Superintendent. 

Following the development and advertisement of the desired qualifications for a new superintendent, the window for applications for the position closed on November 23. On December 3, the Board of Education received from BWP & Associates a slate of seven potential superintendent candidates that they felt matched the identified qualifications. Following a series of interviews with the candidates that same week, the Board of Education narrowed the list of potential candidates to three finalists.

During the week of December 10, each of the three finalists participated in an interview with a representative Key Stakeholder group and underwent an extended second interview with the Board of Education. The Board of Education then spent time in closed session on Saturday, December 15 to review feedback from the Key Stakeholder group and discussed each candidate at length.

While the goal of the original timeline for the process was to announce the hiring of a new superintendent prior to winter break, there is still work to be done by the Board of Education to finalize the process. With the timing of the holidays, the Board of Education has placed further work on hold until after the winter break. It is expected that the Board will be prepared to announce the hiring of a new superintendent during the month of January.

Community input shapes superintendent profile

The District 225 Board of Education recently invited the school community to provide input to assist with the search for the next superintendent through an online survey, and focus groups and community forums held on October 3.

According to the consultant, these are the desired qualifications for the next superintendent, as identified through community feedback:

A Respected Leader - who demonstrates high moral and ethical character, and whose integrity serves as a model for staff, students and the community;

A Calm and Confident Leader - who is comfortable working under pressure in a high-performing school district, within a community that has very high expectations, and who has a track record of successfully addressing a wide range of issues and challenges; 

A Recognized Educational Leader - who has a background in teaching and in leading a complex educational institution;

A Clear Communicator - who is transparent and articulate, in the written and spoken word, who interacts well with all individuals and groups, who is conversant with all forms of media, and who promotes effective public relations;

An Active Listener - who elicits, listens to, and appreciates diverse points of view, and exhibits a willingness to learn from others;

A Visionary Leader - who is a strong advocate for the Glenbrook High School District, and who will lead the district with a vision of continuous improvement on all levels, honoring and building on the district's tradition of excellence and high achievement;

A Visible Leader - who regularly spends time in the schools, enjoying interaction with students and staff and attending events, and who has a strong presence in the community, working with local officials and leaders and participating with residents;

A District Leader - who collaborates with the Board in its quest for excellence, leading the administration to work effectively with the Board in carrying out their separate but mutually supportive roles in school governance;

A Fiscally Astute Leader - who understands the need for fiscal responsibility, both in the short term and long term, who plainly explains complex budget issues to the public, and who continually seeks efficiencies while improving educational and extracurricular opportunities for students;

A Team Builder - who plans, leads, collaborates, and delegates, drawing on the skills and talents of the staff and administrators, holding them accountable, but not micro-managing;

An Organizational Leader - who effectively monitors and assesses all levels of the district organization to ensure their smooth operation, their success in reaching their full potential and their effective implementation of initiatives;

A Personable Leader - who understands that a positive and supportive environment enhances the success of an organization, and who recognizes that when people feel valued, respected and appreciated, they continue to strive for excellence;

A Relationship Builder - who fosters long-term trusting relationships between the school district and its elementary feeder districts, as well as mutually beneficial community and business partnerships.

“One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Education is the hiring of the superintendent. This highly impactful, important decision is absolutely dependent on thoughtful input from the community and we thank you for your consideration of this request for your time and energy," said Board President, Skip Shein.
Supt. Search: Timeline Update