Board approves tentative 2017-18 budget

Board approves tentative budget for 2017-18 
At a meeting on July 24, the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education reviewed the tentative 2017-18 budget. The total budget projects $133,774,798 in revenues and $141,230,388 in expenditures. We remain flexible in the presentation of our tentative budget to accommodate any further changes to state funding. Should any updates in state funding occur, they would be represented in the final budget, scheduled for board approval in September. 

This is the second consecutive year that the district has put forth a budget that utilizes existing fund balance for the purposes of pre-approved life safety projects to enhance classroom facilities for students.  This year's $7.4 million deficit is reflective of an operating transfer to fund these projects. The revenue for the life safety projects was procured last year through bond issues totally $15.1 million, which must be spent within a three-year time frame.

The District is 91 percent locally funded, primarily through property taxes, with less than six percent of funding provided by state and federal sources (compared to the average Illinois school district which receives approximately four percent from the state, three percent from federal, and two percent from other sources). This structure gives District 225 taxpayers greater control over the quality and value of their schools. It also ensures a favorable credit rating and protects the schools from severe fluctuations in revenues from both state and federal sources, which could result in the elimination of programs.

As part of the budget discussion, the Board also reviewed the previous fiscal year. During the 2016-17 school year, the district ended with an estimated $2.41 million surplus. 

The District will post the tentative budget for 2017-18 on its website for public viewing starting Tuesday, August 1. The community will have an opportunity to provide input on the tentative budget at a public hearing at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on September 11, at 7 p.m. in the Glenbrook High School District Office located at 3801 W. Lake Avenue in Glenview. In addition, the budget will be available for public viewing at the District Office reception desk, Suite 101A, for no less than 30 days. 
The Board is expected to adopt the final budget during the business portion of its meeting on September 26.


Board approves tentative 2017-18 budget