Sonia Kim

Dr. Sonia Kim

Dr. Sonia Kim and her family reside in Glenview. She has three children, who are enrolled at Glenbrook South or will attend in the future. Dr. Kim is the Managing Director for Marketing and Commercialization Education for the Innovation and New Ventures Office at Northwestern University. She brings extensive experience in the science and education fields. She previously worked as a high school and postsecondary educator, marketing consultant, researcher, program director and entrepreneur. She received her B.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD and EdM from Harvard University. 
Board Training: Professional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members (P.A. 97-08; 105 ILCS 5/10-16a), Performance Evaluation Reform Act (P.A. 97-08; 105 ILCS 5/24-16.5) - Training on PERA Evaluation and Dismissals  
Board Assignments: Alliance for Lifelong Learning Governing Board Representative; Technology Committee  
Terms: Appointed 2/8/16 to serve remaining term ending April 2017. Elected 2017-2021.