Karen Stang Hanley

Ms. Karen Stang Hanley

Hanley and her family have resided in Northbrook since 1987. She has four children, who are graduates of GBN. Hanley was a founding trustee of the Glenbrook High School Foundation, and has held leadership roles in the Glenbrook North Parents’ Association, Northbrook Elementary School District 28 Parent Teacher Organizations, and the District-wide Parent Teacher Organization.

Hanley is a travel advisor for Best Travel in Northbrook. She received a bachelor’s of arts in ancient history from the University of Kansas and a master’s of arts in library science from the University of Chicago.
Board assignments: ED-RED, Glenbrook High School Foundation, NSSED  
Board Training: Professional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members (P.A. 97-08; 105 ILCS 5/10-16a) - Education and Labor Law, Financial Oversight and Accountability, Fiduciary Responsibilities
Performance Evaluation Reform Act (P.A. 97-08; 105 ILCS 5/24-16.5) - Training on PERA Evaluation and Dismissals
Terms: Appointed 9/10/12 to serve remaining term ending April 2013. Elected 2013-2017, 2017-2021.  
Email: boardofeducation@glenbrook225.org