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Spanish National Honor Society

¡Bienvenidos a la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica!

Sponsor: Sra. Vakil  847-509-2510
We elect nine officers. At the end of each year based on the board members contributions to the Society.  The officers take the leadership role.
The purpose of the Spanish National Honor Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of Glenbrook North High School and to promote continuity of interest in the Hispanic studies. The Glenbrook North Chapter actively participates in community activities, such as Paint the town, Springfest, tutoring program, Halloween at GBN and Churro bread sale to name a few.  The society is a nationally recognized academic Honor Society sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. 
The Spanish National Honor Society is an honorary organization that admits students who have maintained an “honor average” in the study of Spanish while enrolled in a Spanish Honor level class, levels 3, 4,  AP, or three semesters of honors Spanish  with A or B average at the high school level.  **Candidates must be at least a second semester sophomore. **Candidates must be enrolled in an honors or academy level class.  **Candidates will need to participate in activities led by the officers of the society, in order to become eligible to be inducted in the honor society. ** Candidates will need to pay a onetime membership fee. **Candidates will need to participate in the induction ceremony upon fulfillment of requirements.