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Communications Plan

Glenbrook High School District 225 recently conducted a comprehensive communications audit in an effort to help identify areas for improvement. The audit process consisted of student, staff, parents and community resident surveys, opinions leader interviews, focus groups and strategic counsel. The goal of this process was to identify the preferences of the types of information, frequency and methods among its community of stakeholders.

Key findings from the community survey include:
  • When asked to rate the job the District is doing in communicating with residents 64% said it was excellent or good.
  • More than 80% say they trust the Board and Administration to do what’s best for children in the District.
  • More than 70% agree that the Board and Administration are responsive to parents, community leaders, and interested citizens.
  • More than 2/3 agree that the Board and Administration involve parents, community leaders and interested citizens in decisions about the schools.
  • 70% agree that the District provides easily accessible information about programs and Board actions.
Summary of information sources, preferences and frequency:
  • Residents rate the local media outlets and the District community newsletter as the two tops sources for information about the schools.
  • Residents would prefer to receive their information from the District and school websites, but for various reasons do not currently seek it there.
  • 58% of residents said that the amount of information they receive is “about right” with 36% reporting “too little.”
Parents, students and staff also provided input on questions that were targeted more specifically to their interests.
While the research findings resulted in numerous recommendations to further enhance the District’s communications efforts, the top priorities include:
  • Infrastructure: More strategic department focus; additional staff support for the communications function.
  • Website: Enhance the calendar feature; complete website redesign for improved function and navigation.
  • Media Relations: Host annual media day; develop editorial calendar; update media lists; work with student paper.
  • Content Development: Focus on finances, innovative programs, Board action summaries.
  • Opinion Leader Outreach: Create a formal key communicators network; host VIP receptions.
The administration used these findings and recommendations to formulate a three-year District Communications Plan draft that was presented to the Board of Education for review on March 14.
The draft plan provides a detailed outline of strategies, tactics, target audiences, timelines and budget, centered on the following three key overall goals:
  1. Increase awareness of the District.
  2. Improve official District communication with parents and students.
  3. Improve internal communications.
The District will continue to evaluate its communications efforts by using focus groups and online surveys and will consider conducting another formal survey of residents in spring 2014.
The Board approved the three-year District Communications Plan on Monday, March 21, 2011.

District Communications Plan 2011-2014

Parent, Student, Staff Survey Overview and Communications Plan Presentation

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