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Future Enrollment Initiative

Update: 05.19.14

Glenbrook High School District 225
Student Enrollment Initiative:
Initial Board of Education Statement
May 19, 2014


District 225 is committed to fostering a high-quality Glenbrook experience for every student that supports his or her academic, extracurricular, social, and emotional development.  Providing opportunities for each student to have that quality experience has been a guiding principle in the District’s decision-making for many years.

The current student enrollment forecast for District 225 indicates that the student population at GBS will continue to grow for the next several years at a rate that may meet or exceed the current building capacity, while the student population at GBN will diminish.  This widening gap in the school populations raises questions of equity regarding opportunities and conditions that will exist in academics, activities, and athletics.

The Board of Education has undertaken an extensive study.  This study has included gathering a broad variety of data, drawing upon the expertise of demographers, articulating philosophical parameters, soliciting input from the community, and engaging in wide-ranging discussions during public meetings.  The Board’s intent has been to use a deliberate, thorough, careful, transparent, and participatory process to analyze, understand, and determine the issues concerning student enrollment.

After thorough review and consideration over the past few months, the Board has reached consensus on the following three initial points:

  • No student attendance boundaries will be changed for the 2014-2015 school year;
  • No student attendance boundaries will be changed for the 2015-2016 school year; and
  • Students who initially enter GBS or GBN will be allowed to remain at their respective schools through the completion of their high school careers.      

Nothing else has been decided.  The Board has not determined whether a change to the attendance area boundaries for the Glenbrook High Schools will be necessary in school years beyond 2015-2016.  Any reports of decisions regarding boundary changes, or as to areas to be affected, are unfounded.

In continuing its study of enrollment issues for school years beyond 2015-2016, the Board expects to use the same deliberative process.  Fostering a high-quality Glenbrook experience for students at both campuses will continue to be a central priority.  To the extent appropriate, the Board will continue strongly supporting “communities of interest,” which promote community growth, as well as facilitate the coordination of various services available to families.  At the same time, building capacities, equity in student opportunities and experiences, and the overall financial condition of the District are important factors that may cause the Board, as elected representatives of the entire Glenbrook constituency, to consider, and possibly undertake, a change to student attendance boundaries.  The Board will continue to explore and analyze strategies to increase capacity and expand student opportunities before any such change is enacted.

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