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Update 11.10.14

Board maintains current district boundaries despite growing enrollment at GBS

The Glenbrooks have been carefully monitoring student enrollment projections, as GBS has experienced growth during the past few years while GBN has seen a slight decline in population.

After gathering input from the community, and considering the updated enrollment projections (as of 10.27.14), the Board of Education concluded that both GBN and GBS can accommodate the anticipated student populations without the need to consider changes to the district boundaries or practices. However, GBS will need to consider a few facility modifications to maintain an ideal student capacity in science labs and specialty courses, until the student population begins to stabilize.

 “It’s important to note that the Board of Education supports the decision to maintain district boundaries for the foreseeable future, as long as current student enrollment projections remain consistent in the coming years,” said Board President Skip Shein. “A growing student population is a complex and dynamic challenge that warrants constant monitoring. If a drastic variation in future annual projections were to occur, we would bring this back to the Board for evaluation.”


Update 10.27.14

Annual Glenbrook student enrollment projections show stability
GBS population expected to peak in 2019-2020 and then decrease

District 225 conducts annual enrollment projections each fall, to help plan educational offerings for the high school students of Glenview and Northbrook for future academic years.  District leaders utilize this data to make decisions regarding staffing, facilities, and finances.

District projections for one-to-three-year periods of time have been remarkably reliable. This fall’s data shows more stability in student enrollment at GBN than previous projections indicated, forecasting a population that hovers just above 2,000 for the next few years.

The district has been carefully monitoring the growing student population at GBS, and while the enrollment will continue to increase, the growth may be slightly less than originally forecasted.  The population at GBS is projected to peak at 3,125 students by 2019-2020, and then starts to decrease and stabilize to approximately 2,900 students in subsequent years.

“We are confident that our schools will be able to handle the current projected enrollments without significant changes to our structure or practices. However, a growing student population is a complex and dynamic challenge that warrants constant monitoring and evaluation,” said Superintendent Dr. Mike Riggle. “We have positioned ourselves very well financially for this challenge and we are confident that any enrollment issues can be properly addressed without asking the community for additional support.”

In conjunction with enrollment projections, the district periodically studies the capacity of its buildings and the learning environments provided for students.  Based on current staffing formulas, the number and types of classrooms, and the daily schedule operated by each school, GBS has an estimated capacity of 3,100 students and GBN a capacity of 2,400.

“Ultimately, we want students who are slated to attend GBS in the future, to join us as Titans and receive the same great educational experiences our graduates have enjoyed,” said GBS Principal Dr. Brian Wegley. “Our general purpose classrooms can accommodate the growing student population. However, we will need to consider a few permanent and perhaps a few temporary facility modifications, to maintain capacity in science labs and specialty courses, until the numbers begin to stabilize.”

The Board of Education will continue to discuss enrollment projections throughout the fall and will consider if any additional actions need to be considered in an effort to maintain the integrity of Glenbrook programs.

Powerpoint Presentation, including enrollment numbers (PDF)


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